Dangerous Goods Training

By partnering with leading training specialists in this field we've made it easier than ever to provide your staff with the specific knowledge and skills to comply with current regulations.

Expert trainers, familiar with our unique products, can help your staff achieve the leading UK, US or international qualifications in a range of subjects including:

- Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air;

- Transport of Dangerous Goods by Sea;

- Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road,

- Carriage of special substances, such as diagnostic, infectious or radioactive material, dry ice or lithium batteries

- Carriage of excepted quantities and limited quantities by all modes of transport

- Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA)

- US Hazardous Materials Regulations including 49 CFR and Occupational Safety Health Adviser (OSHA)

- Air cargo security

For further details of public and in-house courses, please get in touch.