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February 2017

8th February 2017: New UN approved Air Sea plywood box range

December 2016

20th December 2016: Lithium battery guidance update 2017

12th December 2016: IATA dangerous goods regulations 58 - significant changes

October 2016

27th October 2016: Webinar: ADR dangerous goods regulations - 2017 update

September 2016

27th September 2016: £65,000 reasons to stay compliant when shipping dangerous goods

19th September 2016: Dangerous Goods Security Provisions - BADGP event, 10th November 2016

5th September 2016: Quarter of dangerous goods incidents due to misdeclarations

August 2016

17th August 2016: IATA calls for clampdown on lithium battery rogue shippers

10th August 2016: Canada unveil video on dangerous goods by rail

4th August 2016: 4GV packaging without vermiculite

July 2016

14th July 2016: VCA "Air Sea Challenge" quiz - an overview of results

May 2016

30th May 2016: Come & see us at the 2016 VCA dangerous goods seminar

February 2016

17th February 2016: Webinar on shipping lithium batteries

January 2016

22nd January 2016: Regulatory updates to shipments of lithium batteries

19th January 2016: BADGP AGM & lectures 2016

19th January 2016: Multi-modal transport of dangerous goods seminar

4th January 2016: Battery powered vehicles - cargo update

December 2015

14th December 2015: Hoverboards banned over lithium battery concerns

November 2015

12th November 2015: Lithium battery update 2016

September 2015

24th September 2015: Demand for lithium poses challenge to industry

21st September 2015: Dangerous goods safety checks for Tianjin companies

15th September 2015: We did it - we took on the Three Peaks Challenge

2nd September 2015: IATA 57th ed - Significant Changes

August 2015

25th August 2015: BADGP Seminar - November 2015

20th August 2015: Press Release: Air Sea Containers take on the Three Peaks Challenge

10th August 2015: Switzerland propose label changes to ADR & RID

May 2015

15th May 2015: Thailand to adopt GHS standards

5th May 2015: ICAO group to tackle lithium battery packaging

April 2015

20th April 2015: Online retailer fined for dangerous goods breach

15th April 2015: Lithium Battery Fire Breaks Out Onboard Flight

8th April 2015: UPS requiring pre-approval for lithium metal battery shipments

8th April 2015: Time to increase safety for hazmat by rail?

March 2015

13th March 2015: Eurotunnel ADR guide 2015

3rd March 2015: DOT introduces stricter rules around lithium battery shipping

January 2015

20th January 2015: Marking & labeling - key updates 2015

12th January 2015: BADGP seminar on limited quantities

July 2014

27th July 2014: Business confidence is high, but safety must still come first

June 2014

23rd June 2014: Calls for tougher North American regulations on transporting crude oil by rail

May 2014

29th May 2014: Flight MH370 – Lithium ion battery cargo complied with regulations

April 2014

11th April 2014: Lithium Metal batteries receive tighter transport restrictions

March 2014

20th March 2014: Company prosecuted for incorrectly packaged lithium batteries

13th March 2014: Medical goods supplier pleads guilty to dangerous goods breach

January 2014

21st January 2014: Effective dangerous goods packaging back in the spotlight

December 2013

18th December 2013: Radioactive shipment makes the news

July 2013

28th July 2013: Minimising the risk to the oil and gas industry

1st July 2013: The importance of proper labeling with regards to dangerous goods

May 2013

22nd May 2013: Dangerous goods packaging for the aerosol community

15th May 2013: Police checks highlight importance of dangerous goods packaging

April 2013

25th April 2013: Cutting costs without compromising safety

16th April 2013: The UNECE on dangerous goods

15th April 2013: The importance of effective packaging in the petrochemical sector

March 2013

27th March 2013: UN packaging that offers peace of mind

15th March 2013: Ensuring international consistency regarding dangerous goods

8th March 2013: Take care when transporting dangerous goods

February 2013

19th February 2013: Selecting the perfect packaging supplies for dangerous goods

15th February 2013: The importance of effective regulation

8th February 2013: Effective dangerous goods packaging a savvy investment

January 2013

30th January 2013: The full spectrum of dangerous goods packaging

18th January 2013: The simple way to source effective packaging supplies

8th January 2013: The place to come to for UN packaging

3rd January 2013: Why it pays to invest in effective dangerous goods packaging

December 2012

25th December 2012: Keep up to date with dangerous goods regulations

17th December 2012: Sourcing UN protect packaging for exports

3rd December 2012: Skimping on dangerous goods packaging can be a false economy

3rd December 2012: Boosting safety with the best dangerous goods packaging

November 2012

26th November 2012: Protect your reputation with the best packaging materials

19th November 2012: Perfect packagings for International shipments of dangerous goods

12th November 2012: The simple way to source dangerous goods packagings

October 2012

20th October 2012: The UN System regarding dangerous goods packaging and labeling

8th October 2012: Accident highlights the importance of effective dangerous goods packaging

September 2012

28th September 2012: When it comes to dangerous goods, stay on the right side of the law

21st September 2012: Sourcing UN packagings

14th September 2012: Transporting dangerous goods by road and rail

7th September 2012: Figures show importance of dangerous goods packaging

August 2012

30th August 2012: Fully UN approved dangerous goods packaging delivered next day

15th August 2012: Air Sea Containers Ltd launch social media channels across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Google+

July 2012

19th July 2012: Training requirements for those that are involved in transporting dangerous goods

4th July 2012: Why approved & compliant dangerous goods packagings are so important

May 2012

4th May 2012: Vermiculite as a packaging material

April 2012

25th April 2012: UN stainless steel drums for shipping dangerous goods

15th April 2012: Transporting dangerous goods? Do it the right way

March 2012

20th March 2012: The evolution of dangerous goods regulations

February 2012

15th February 2012: Dangerous goods training for staff

1st February 2012: Protective dangerous goods packaging you can have faith in

August 2010

26th August 2010: Multipack 4GV boxes - new solutions from Air Sea

26th April 2010: Air Sea office move

January 2010

7th January 2010: COSTHA 2010

December 2009

14th December 2009: DIA - European Meeting 2010

14th December 2009: Total Processing and Packaging event 2010

August 2009

11th August 2009: Bioforum 2009

May 2009

19th May 2009: Events 2009

18th May 2009: Total solution for shipping swine flu

March 2009

3rd March 2009: Institute of Clinical Research Annual Conference 2009

October 2008

17th October 2008: Air Sea launch exciting new qualified temperature control packaging range

March 2008

22nd March 2008: Air Sea website relaunch a massive success

February 2008

21st February 2008: Air Sea launch brand new website