Looking for a solution to match your specific dangerous goods packaging requirements?

We've worked with a number of customers to design, test and have certified a number of packagings for the transport of dangerous goods by air, road and sea.

With over 35 years of experience in dangerous goods packaging and regulations, we are well placed to work with you to produce packaging that meets your needs.

We can:

1. Understand how dangerous goods regulations affect your options for shipping your substances or materials.

2. Identify the most effective, compliant and straight forward solution - enabling you to meet your requirements as a shipper of dangerous goods.

3. Design a packaging solution that meets your requirements.

4. Carry out in-house testing to ensure that any packaging designs are capable of performing to regulatory standards

5. Have finished packagings testing and approved to be used for the transport of dangerous goods.

To date, we have created bespoke packagings for a range of purposes; for shipping limited quantities and excepted quantities, as well as scenarios whereby a customer has a specific inner packaging that they wish to use in an efficient packaging, removing any void space and reducing transport costs.

There are a number of benefits to producing your own packaging:

1. It's specific to your requirements

2. It can save time that would otherwise have been spent on packing any void spaces with packaging materials, such as vermiculite.

3. It can save money. As touched on above, packing void spaces with vermiculite, or another packaging material, can prove costly. By reducing the amount of void space available, there is a reduction in the amount of void fill needed. Whilst this may not be a massive saving per box in all cases, when shipping a large number of packagings, this can add up to a sizable amount of potential cost savings.

Interested in bespoke packaging for your requirements? Get in touch.